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businesscardsOrder Business Cards From Us!

The Cards:

You can have our graphic designers create a business card just for you!

250 Cards – $15.00

500 Cards – $25.00

1000 Cards – $45.00

Initial Design – $50.00   Current Anura Customers – $40.00!



Value 12pt. card stock is a good choice for regular every day cards – Included

Quality 14pt. card stock provide great print quality and delivers an enchanted weight & feel – +$3.00

Stand out with the premium 16pt. cards. The paper is extremely thick, substantial and sturdy – +$4.00


businesscards3Add Ons:

Super Gloss coating makes your cards so shiny you may need sunglasses! Your message and the vivid colors will really pop with this glossy coating on both sides – +$3.00

1/4″ rounded corners – +$3.00


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