At Anura Web Design we are experts in designing and maintaining school websites–with a unique understanding for the needs of Catholic schools. We recognize that managing a Catholic school means higher standards that are a part of your curriculum and day-to-day expectations. Your school must compete for students against all the other choices in your community—and your school’s website is often the first impression parents will have about what you can offer their children. An effective Catholic website will help capitalize on your school’s strengths as well as helping match students and parents who are looking for what you have to offer.
We understand that trying to maintain a professional, effective, and up-to-date website with limited staff, declining enrollment, and crippled budgets can be daunting. I have a solution and I hope you’ll take a moment to let me show you how, working together, we can help your school succeed in its mission.

stmarysCatholic School Websites

If your school’s site is ineffective, but you desire to market your school as a quality Catholic school, one that will highlight the differentiation you offer to a world where the inclusion of the spiritual aspects of life are severely lacking, we will:

  • Design a professional, intuitive, and effective website that reflects the desired image.
  • Provide professional copywriting to assure that the desirable message and first-impression is conveyed.
  • Create an online resource that will help local and relocating residents make an informed decision about where their children should attend school by:
    • Maintaining current information through a professional image
    • Show the benefits of Catholic schools.
    • Improve communication between the school and the community.
    • Highlight successes and advantages.
  • Manage ongoing updates and enhancements to keep the sites current and dynamic.
  • Help the school generate revenue from marketing pages where local businesses can advertise on the schools websites and also provide a Spirit Store where products can be purchased online (with your school’s logo or mascot as fund raisers).
  • We’ll send reminders to your key staff who know the information that will keep the sites current and informative year after year to make the school’s website an invaluable tool for the entire community.

We are experts in producing well-designed and easy-to-navigate sites populated with professionally-written content. Irrespective of budget – your school can have a website that represents your school with pride. Use your website to highlight your differentiation and let the parents in your community know what your school offers, attracting more students, and increasing revenue.


Find out how we can become your school’s webmaster–remaining in the background while we make your school shine online.  As a Catholic School you will get a discounted rate.

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