It doesn’t matter if you are a private or public school, a beautiful and functioning website is all that you need to make success a reality. Your website should be full if information that facilitates and streamlines communication within the whole community. Current parents and students need information and the first place they will look is your website. Anura will design a website that teachers and staff members can easily update and add their own content.

Easy to Use

assacadWith our school sites teachers and staff members can update their own webpages, even if they are not computer savvy. This way, they are encouraged to post more information and utilize the school website as a way to communicate and reach out to students and parents. Just login, click, upload or do whatever you want on your personalize page/site.

Updates in an Instant

When you want to edit your site … your updates take place instantaneously. For example, it takes just a few seconds to post an event to the school calendar or a minute to create a homework assignment.

Update Anywhere at Anytime!

Your website is web-based. This means it works in traditional web browsers and does not require any software installation. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection to post updates to your website.


We can offer you a compelling social media strategy for your school that will amplify word of mouth and increase productivity. Beyond simply posting new content, We will monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus to join conversations already taking place about your school. This highly personalized approach to social media management will boost exposure and make your school shine online.

Social Media Management includes:

  • Daily updates on Facebook and Twitter
  • Monthly “like” and “follower” acquisition campaigns
  • Ongoing social media monitoring
  • Bi-weekly reporting

plus MUCH more – your social media strategy is personalized to fit your school!

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